May 27, 2015

4 Reasons You Need this App

The Studio Design app is #awesome. Four reasons to go download it immediately:

1) It can be hilarious showing off your mad skillz.

This is how you mow grass, right?
What? You don't pretend to mow the grass in leopard flats?

2) You can make fun of yourself while using witty, pre-made captions.

I might be allergic to sunlight
SPF 50 for two hours in the sun. Only conclusion: I am a vampire and should call my dermatologist immediately. 

3) You can make fun of your husband for any reason you want at anytime.

My husband is borderline narcoleptic.
I have an entire photo album on my phone titled "Ryan sleeping".

4) Once the design has been created you have the option to post it to various social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, etc.) as well as saving it to your photo album.

And it's free! I always like to see exactly what to download when given a recommendation (once I downloaded the incorrect "sleep hypnosis" version about 12 times) so here is a screenshot of the specific app:

Studio Design App is awesome
Studio Design app rocks

I have a few other photography apps I use like Word Swag and Canva but this is my favorite so far!

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Kaitlyn said...

I can't stop using the Studio app!!!